Under Age 65 Health Insurance

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Don't risk going without health insurance.

Save up to 60% with a no deductible, limited benefit health insurance plan.

Covers Hospitalization, Doctors and Critical Illness.
No deductible.
Premiums are very affordable.
There are 5 Plans to choose from.
Access to 700,000 providers nationwide in the MultiPlan PPO network.
You can add optional Dental & Vision Insurance.

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Common Outpatient Benefits Include:

  • Doctor office visits
  • Wellness visits
  • Emergency room visits
  • Diagnostic tests, lab tests, x-rays

Common Inpatient Benefits Include:

  • Hospital admission
  • Hospital confinement
  • Inpatient and outpatient surgery
  • Intensive care treatment

Get PPO access to a wide range of healthcare providers across the country.

Standard Life uses MultiPlan to provide access to thousands of hospitals and doctors who have agreed to significant PPO network discounts on their services. MultiPlan is the nation’s oldest, largest and most comprehensive network provider. With a network of more than half a million healthcare professionals, over 4,700 hospitals and over 96,000 doctors, you will have access to a wide range of quality healthcare providers across the country. You can access and choose your providers in order to take advantage of discounted prices through facilities and providers that are part of the network.

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